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Independent European service of CO2 RF sealed-off laser resonator.

Your laser resonator has run out of power, stopped working, or is malfunctioning? Deliver it to us and we will regenerate it to factory parameters. 
We provide services for CO2 laser resonators ( metal laser tubes ) in RF sealed-off metal technology.We replace gas, repair and regenerate electronics and optics. We service CO2 RF laser resonators from Synrad, Universal, Coherent, Epilog and Chinese manufacturers.
We do not service glass laser resonators.

We provide a comprehensive process of diagnostics and regeneration


Laser resonator gas exchange. ( Regasing ). 

Our specially developed mixture of ultra-high purity gases ensures smooth laser performance and long life. The composition and pressure of the gas used is crucial to restore the laser to the manufacturer's nominal parameters.


Repair and tuning RF generator.

Correct operation of the laser depends on the efficiency of the RF generator and control modules. We repair and regenerate damaged electronic components to ensure the efficient operation of the laser. This process is performed by specialized engineering staff.


Optics replacement, calibration and adjustment.
A frequent cause of incorrect operation of the laser is damaged, worn or out of calibration optics. Each laser has several mirrors that must be aligned with each other with micron precision. After each repair, the power and quality of the laser beam is tested. If necessary, we replace worn optical elements and seals.

Final testing and reporting

The regenerated laser resonator is subjected to a series of advanced tests.Reports are generated upon completion of the testing process ( "Laser power test report" and "Test shape of the laser spot" ). As an additional service, we offer "Laser ray rise and fall time". We send reports with a resonator.


Laser power test report


Laser ray rise and fall time ( optional )


Test shape of the laser spot

Packing and shipping

The laser is professionally packed.
We prefer shipping by DHL, Fedex, UPS.We can also ship with an independent freight forwarder.


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