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  • Laser power drops after a few to several minutes of operation.

    Most likely your laser needs a gas exchange (re-gas). Sometimes this symptom can be caused by a defective RF generator.Our company will check the damage and repair it.

  • Laser stopped working.

    Send us the resonator for diagnosis / repair.
    There can be many reasons for this problem.

  • How to safely send a laser resonator for repair ? 

    The best way to pack the resonator for shipment is to have the original manufacturer's packaging.
    If you do not have it, you should ensure that the resonator is carefully protected against excessive shocks, using e.g. packaging foam, bubble wrap, etc.
    Place the laser protected in this way in the carton box (in the case of heavy resonators, use the transport box).

    Be sure to protect the laser exit hole from dust and scratching.

  • How long is the warranty ?

    Our company provides a 12-month full warranty for the refurbished resonator. ( except for damage caused by the fault of the user )

  • What is the repair / regeneration time ? 

    Typical repair / regeneration time is 7 - 14 days

  • What is included in the service report ?

    - Repair report- Laser power time graph- The shape of the laser beam